Exterior Enhancements.

First impressions count. And the first impression people have of your house is the outside.
Explore the possibilities for great exterior improvements as well as outdoor living.


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Real estate agents call it ‘curb appeal’. For you, it’s that quiet pride when you pull into your own driveway.


Your home doesn’t start inside the walls of your house – it includes your building exterior, amenities and surrounding property. Home facades, entries, garages and exterior hardscaping like walkways, driveways and patios play an important part in turning your house into a beautiful and livable home. These areas help establish an appealing view as well as perceived value, frame your house, and provide relaxing and functional spaces for you and your guests.

Today Buckhead and Sandy Springs families are spending more time outside enjoying our spacious tree covered neighborhoods and temperate climate. There’s a healthy focus on indoor-outdoor connections, with rooms opening onto decks, porches and patios, as our casual entertaining spills outdoors.

Small exterior details like entryways, windows and shutters complete your home with a big impact. Façade materials, gutters and roof lines define quality and style while making life easier by minimizing maintenance demands. Exterior makeover or ‘facelifts’ are popular ways to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank.


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Which of these exterior enhancements can you picture for your home?

Siding, Windows and Doors

Porticos, Entries and Driveways

Roofing, Gutters and Trim

Trellises, Arbors and Follies

Outdoor Porches, Decks and Patios

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs

Pools, Pool Houses and Cabanas

Walkways, Walls, Steps and Railings

Fencing, Water Features and Irrigation

Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Lighting

Retaining Walls, Drainage and Site work

Sports, Kids and Pet Areas

Outdoor Rooms

Spending time in outdoor rooms, enjoying Atlanta’s great climate, has gotten very popular over the last few years. Covered patios, decks and porches allow you to leave upholstered furnishings out ready for instant use, along with indoor amenities like lamps, fans and TVs. Walking outside with your morning coffee, or having friends over to watch the game, is simple, even when it’s raining.

Outdoor cooking is also easy with today’s wide variety of exterior grade appliances. Fireplaces and heaters extend the outdoor living season in Atlanta to almost year-round. No-maintenance finishes like PVC, mountain looks with cedar, or highly tailored spaces with stone or brick can match and enhance any home style today. Water features, as well as TV and audio systems, often complete the updated outdoor living experience around Buckhead.


Backyard Decks

Decks used to be functional areas for the grill and a few aluminum or plastic chairs at many houses around Atlanta. We often rebuild or upgrade these older structures with new deck boards, ranging from pressure treated lumber to walnut and synthetic surfaces. We can also add new railings and stairs for safety. Covered or partially covered decks, sometimes with skylights to allow natural light into adjacent rooms, are also popular additions.


Buckhead Exterior House Styles

Yes, many agree that our Northside Atlanta neighborhoods are primarily filled with traditional looking homes. But this traditional catchphrase encompasses many different styles, such as Cottage, Georgian, Provincial, Federal, Tudor, Classic, and Mediterranean. We’ve never had much Victorian in Buckhead, and there are fewer and fewer traditional Ranches and Mid Century Modern homes as owners often remodel these, with just a smattering of modern homes.

A common remodel around Chastain is for 2-story ranches, raising the low slope rooflines or adding pitched roofs to older modern homes. Many newer area home and remodels fall into the Transitional category, having elements of several styles but no predominant look. A good designer can mix these elements with remodels or exterior facelifts, and add just enough detail to give your home a timeless and desirable curbside appeal.


Garages and Carports

Having a new or rebuilt garage to replace an outdated or unusable one is a true luxury in Buckhead. Older garages are often 9’ wide per car, as opposed to 12’ today. Plus new garages need to be longer and taller to accommodate larger cars and SUVs. Garages are sometimes considered a family security item, and older carports are often enclosed for the same reasons.


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A Gallery of Home Exterior Enhancements by Paces Construction


Get out of the house and take look around. Which of the outdoor improvements in this gallery would make your home more beautiful, more livable, and more appealing to homebuyers someday? Perhaps you’ve seen a great idea elsewhere, but you’re not sure how it would fit with your house or property. Let’s walk around your yard together and talk about it.

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Home Energy: Windows & Doors

Leaky windows and doors are one of the largest causes of energy loss in both summer and winter. Replacing poorly functioning units can make visual, energy, comfort and sound changes to your home. Customers are most surprised by how quiet their homes are with double-paned windows, but also by how even the temperature is inside rooms. No cold or hot spots near glass anymore.

Home Energy: Insulation

Besides using fiberglass insulation in your home’s walls, attics and crawlspaces, Paces can install spray foam to super insulate attics and basements. These products go up against the roof rather than in your attic floor, giving you conditioned storage space and much lower heating and cooling bills.

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