Historic Preservation


 History and Influences In and Around Buckhead 


Paces Construction has worked on houses built from 1918 to the present in Buckhead, with most area homes built from the 1920s and 1930s onward. There are only a few older homes in our area; Buckhead was a farming region prior to early adoption of the automobile starting after 1900. From Atlanta’s founding in 1838 the earliest growth axis was east-west, with neighborhoods from Decatur to West End being developed around mule and horse coaches, and eventually, trolley lines. Atlanta’s first automobile neighborhood is claimed to be Ansley Park, started in 1904, with subsequent development working north along Peachtree St.

Most of today’s Buckhead area neighborhoods were started after 1915, with interruptions for war and the depression slowing growth. This extended development cycle is one cause for the wide variety of lot and home styles in our area, and helps add a dynamic visual interest to our neighborhoods today. Another influence on Buckhead was the Garden City movement from the UK and Frederick Law Olmsted’s work here in the Druid Hills area in the late 1800’s, with his brother and sons continuing to design local garden-like, curvilinear streets following streams and ridges into the 1920’s.


 The Remodeling and Renovation of Older Homes 


While few Buckhead homes fall under restrictive Historical Preservation guidelines for maintenance and renovation, many owners still strive to maintain the style and period of their home when considering additions and remodeling. Paces works with a number of architects, designers and trade subcontractors that help us address challenges unique to older homes. We understand when a newer construction technique or material may not work well with older systems, and the aesthetics of blending the new with the old. This is often a factor when updating charming older residences for our modern lifestyles, with needs for family kitchens, more plumbing, electrical and HVAC capacity, and better energy efficiency.


How can you update your home while remaining true to its historic character? We can offer insights, ideas and options. Get in touch at 404-841-8841.





I live in a house that is close to 100 years old. Rain water had rotted out the soffits and French doors, and was entering the house. Paces solved the problem, replacing the doors with exact copies that matched the style and integrity of the house.