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How many magazines have you bookmarked with great home-interior ideas?
Show us your favorites, and we’ll create new rooms that fit right in with those tasty photos.


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If you know exactly what you’re looking for, we can help. If you don’t, we can help even more.


You spend half or more of your life inside your home – it should be a relaxing, supportive environment that reflects your style, and functions well for your family’s everyday needs. Since those needs evolve over time, so should your home.

But with so many considerations and so many options, the further you get into it, the more questions you probably have. You know what you like, but how do you know where to spend and where to save? Are there any factors you’ve neglected to consider? We’ll give you a few things to think about to help narrow the options, and ensure that your final decision is the right one for you.

Interior renovations can be just updates that might include paint, cabinetry, flooring and lighting. Or they may involve renovating baths and kitchens, and reconfiguring walls to open up rooms and make your space more useable. We’ve helped a lot of Buckhead and Sandy Springs homeowners reimagine their space and turn it into something that excites them again.


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Which home interior improvements would complete your home?

Painting and wallpaper

Flooring and carpeting

Kitchen remodeling

Bath remodeling


Opening up the kitchen

Separating shower and tub

New lighting

Storage, organization, closet systems

Master Suites

Comfortable finished basements

Home office

Media room


Minor Facelifts and Remodeling

Is it time to freshen up some areas in your house with paint? Before the paint goes on, it may be a great time to think about things like trimwork and built-ins. Homeowners we’ve worked for have been amazed at what some additional crown and door casings can do to their home. Simple jobs like replacing a door with a cased opening can improve the flow to underutilized space, visually open up the house, and brighten rooms.

Cabinets, shelving and closet systems will help you de-clutter your Buckhead home and help you enjoy your organized living spaces more. Refinishing or adding hardwood floors, tile or carpet can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a living space.

We’ll bring the creativity and know-how that can help you get the very most out of your budget. Then watch your guests’ eyebrows raise up as they look around at a home that’s familiar to them, but which has somehow now been enhanced, finally achieving its true potential.

Home Remodel

Major Whole House Renovation

You may have just bought an older Buckhead home, need space for the kids, or be an empty nester ready to remodel or sell. Whole house remodels are often done in stages if the home is being lived in, or all at once to an empty house. We can change room configurations by moving or removing walls, combining spaces, and building out unused space in basements and attics.

Does a fireplace need a new hearth or surround, or would you like to add one in your bedroom? Have you (or someone you know) coveted a wine cellar downstairs? Are there several baths that need updating? Do the kids need play space so their toys aren’t spread across the living room floor whenever guests arrive?  Plus, everything probably needs painting too.

Sounds like a major remodeling effort. Call Paces for suggestions, and a realistic assessment of what needs to be done.


“Richard was the contractor for a major renovation of my whole house in anticipation of a sale. Within a day of putting the house on the market, we had two offers at or above the offering price.”


A Gallery of Home Interiors by Paces Construction


Different strokes for different folks. The remodeled and renovated home spaces displayed here were done for different reasons, with different styles, but all have one thing in common: they were carefully planned to fit the needs and tastes of the people who lived there. Paces Construction doesn’t do cookie-cutter solutions. Your home is unique, and deserves a unique treatment.

You have questions. We have answers. Let’s talk about it at 404-841-8841.

Walk Around Like a Home Buyer.

We’ve had many remodeling clients around Buckhead who were updating their house for sale, and wished they’d done the work sooner to enjoy it themselves. Some have even decided not to sell after fixing problems and flaws that had bothered them for years. So, do a critical walkthrough, then ask us to look at your wish list and make suggestions. Ask about a thorough home inspection to help you identify issues you’ll need to address eventually, for better peace of mind.

Don't Forget Home Safety.

We often don’t realize our houses are aging around us, just as we are. Sometimes we need to add or fix handrails and loose steps, address electrical issues and poor lighting, install bath grab bars or check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We also have to make sure our houses aren’t too welcoming for moisture, mold and critters. Paces Construction is certified in green building, indoor air quality, lead paint, and aging in place, so we know what to look for to keep your house safe for your family.

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