A Roomy Addition.

Do you love your house, but wish there was more comfortable space to spread out?
Add a room, or an entire second floor, that flows perfectly with the rest of your home.


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As our families and needs grow and evolve, our houses don’t always stay in sync with our lifestyles. You may love a particular Buckhead location but not find the perfect space. Or you may want to upgrade the square footage in your existing home. You might need more bedrooms, a main level master suite, or a playroom. Or perhaps you’re ready for a bigger kitchen with more open living and entertaining space.

Addition types include going vertical, with a second story ‘pop-top’ addition; a ground floor ‘bump-out’ extension, a ‘dig-out’ for lower-level space, or maybe some combination. We’ll help you explore which type of addition might work best for your needs, house and budget, as well as potential Atlanta zoning and variance challenges.

Will an addition complement or enhance your home’s style, making it a smart investment for increasing the house’s overall value? Paces Construction can help you determine what makes sense in your situation, and help ‘value engineer’ your plans to get great results that make an addition add up.

Style matters. Whether you have a 100 year old Buckhead masterpiece or a Chastain ranch, making your house and addition work together with the lot and surrounding homes is important. Adding-on can be an ideal time to evaluate your street views, and maybe update rooflines, enhance entrances, and create a focal-point façade. This can be done with historically appropriate designs and materials. Or it can be an opportunity to update a less-desirable style.


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Popular Northside Atlanta Additions include:

Master Suites with bath and closet areas

Kitchens with attached Great Rooms

Second Stories for Bedrooms and storage

Dens, Libraries and home offices

Playrooms – Kids and Adults

Garages, Storage and “Costco” rooms


Porches, decks and covered outdoor patios

Pool Baths and service areas

Wine Cellars


“I could not have been more pleased. Richard Everett is very detail focused, which is just what you want in a contractor, and demands high quality of his workers and subcontractors.”


A Gallery of Popular Additions by Paces Construction


Addition trends: Many older homes have grown ‘organically’ over many decades, with multiple additions, often showing variations in scale and materials. Houses like this often tell a story of changing families, needs and styles. Today some designers incorporate this look of periodic remodels over time in their initial designs of new homes and commercial buildings, adding varying facades to add interest. Others want everything to look homogenous and match exactly – either approach works fine.

Additions today also focus more on opening up to exterior spaces, or creating them with porches, patios and decks. French doors and window walls are newer continuing trends, helping to blend indoor and outdoor areas.

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Adding a Master Suite

Whether you’re trying to create a household oasis or more accessible ground floor living, master suites are a popular addition in Buckhead. Averaging 400-750 SF, masters today often include a sitting area, sometimes with fireplace, and enlarged closets and baths. Amenities can include His and Hers (larger) walk-in closets and linen space, oversized baths with double vanities, separate showers and water closets, and extra bath area storage. Separate makeup areas or wet and dry zones can be incorporated in many layouts. Higher-end Buckhead homes may have heated floors, towel warmers, spa or soaker tubs, and steam units. Custom cabinetry with natural stone and tile wainscoting, frameless glass enclosures and adjustable lighting can be combined with installed music or TV to create a relaxing environment for day or night.

Do We Have to Move Out?

Additions can be done ‘live-in’ or ‘move-out’, and don’t always have to be terribly disruptive to your current life. Paces can often build Buckhead additions by adding and completing the new rooms before opening existing exterior walls to incorporate the old and new. We can even do this when expanding outward to double the size of a room. This approach minimizes the time that you’re not able to use parts of your house, and reduces the need to remove furniture and other belongings during the transition.

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Video of Recent Paces Addition