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We’ve recently remodeled 3 higher-end Buckhead and Brookhaven baths that all included new standalone tubs. We went through a similar trend of claw foot tubs about  12-15 years ago. I’ve been halfway expecting someone to call and ask us to swap a clawfoot out for a newer standalone over the past year or two.

Almost universally we hear both men and women say they routinely use the shower most often. But women still say they take baths, and much more often than men. It seems to be a relaxation, and maybe winter time heat treat, rather than just bathing event. But designers seem to know how peaceful and relaxing just looking at these standalone tubs can be, and clients are installing them whether they expect to use them much or not.

There are acrylic units and cast iron, and it’s difficult to tell the difference without knocking on them. Both will stand up well, and the old days of having poorer quality in “plastics” are long gone. There are 2 major ways to mount hardware, typically on the rear deck or flange of the tub, or standalone with no connection to the tub itself. Rear deck mounting can typically be less expensive, but these fixtures can run from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand, with standalone floor mounts being higher. Floormount fixtures typically require subfloor framing changes before the floor is tiled – it’s very difficult to reasonably retrofit these fixtures without retiling the floor.

These standalone units are available as soakers or spa units that include blowers and/or pumps for jets.

bath remodel

Brookhaven remodeled Bath includes standalone Tub

standalone bath tub

Home Spa Area standalone Kohler Tub

Buckhead Bath remodel includes standalone tub