Contractor Arrangement Options


 Design Build 


Design Build is the ability to work with one firm to provide design and building functions for clients. Paces Construction has the design capabilities to handle smaller projects ourselves, and we hire or partner with the most appropriate resources for larger or more specialized work on our clients behalf. Our Buckhead building experience with exposure to a variety of professionals lets us select a good fit for the scope, style and budget of your project.

Some clients prefer this contracting approach to minimize dealing with multiple firms and eliminate any finger-pointing that can occur when the client coordinates separately engaged builders, architects, designers, and sometimes tradesmen. We are happy to work either way, and have seen both approaches successfully implemented. We have found that if you have one entity responsible for translating your needs and delivering a finished product you have increased the odds of seeing the job completed on schedule and within your original budget.


 General Contractor 


There are many great architects working in Buckhead, and they develop specialties over the years like other professionals, such as doctors or lawyers. We may recommend or engage different ones on the same street, where one job has a restricted width lot that requires going up with multiple roof lines, while another needs a spread façade that doesn’t overpower the neighbors’ smaller homes and the owners want quick turnaround.

Designers likewise need to have the ability to translate your expectations and feelings into colors and finish materials within budget, and your personalities should mesh due to the time involved with them on larger jobs. 


Which type of arrangement is best for you? We’d be glad to talk more about the options; give us a call at 404-841-8841.



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